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La Jetée (1962), dir. by Chris Marker

Eyes Wide Shut | Director : Stanley Kubrick

"Michelangelo Antonioni shows us two people grasping at life. She wants someone to love and someone to love her but he doesn’t know how to love or be loved. Antonioni never spells it out he lets us intuit the emotional depths beneath the surface. There’s a force in the film’s momentum. He wants us to feel the weight of life for his characters. Through his regress style every action, every object is allowed to sink into our consciousness. In the final image; Antonioni realised the pain of just being alive. It was as if two people were exposed and left alone with nothing but the knowledge of their own solitude. I was haunted by this image at the time and I’m still haunted by it today."

Martin Scorsese, on L’Avventura (1960) dir. Michelangelo Antonioni


On the shooting of Nostalghia (1983), by Deborah Beer

(You can see more pictures of her exhibition here)  

Monica Vitti at Cannes film festival, photographed by Jack Garofalo, 1968.


Los Angeles, 2019

Blade Runner (1982) dir. Ridley Scott